From the Director, Steven Kahn

April 2014


As you know, construction of the LSST is a joint NSF/DOE effort to realize a facility that has been in design and development for more than ten years. Favorable budget news from Washington in March brings the project closer to a federal construction start. For NSF, we are expecting to receive the full amount requested for construction in FY14, and the FY15 President’s Budget Request lays out a funding profile consistent with our current plans, with a MREFC total project cost of $473M. The DOE budget provided in FY14 for the LSST Camera is also consistent with our planned funding profile with an estimated total project cost for the camera fabrication of $165M. The National Science Board will meet on May 6 to consider authorizing the NSF to make an award for construction, which is planned to start on July 1.

The camera team has just completed a successful CD-3A Director’s Review, with the formal DOE CD-3A review scheduled for May 6-7. The sensor “first article” procurement is in progress and should be completed by May 1. Other major procurements in progress involve the design/build contracts for the Telescope Mount Assembly, the L1/L2 lens assembly for the camera, and the summit facility construction on Cerro Pachón.

Other project news is described elsewhere in this issue of E-News: our LSST2014 workshop scheduled for the week of August 11 in Phoenix, a joint DES-LSST workshop, and the first face-to-face meeting of the Science Advisory Committee. All in all, an exciting time to be part of the LSST Project. Other project news is described in the April Issue of E-News: or subscribe here.